Financing a Furnace

September 23, 2014 - Benjamin Dowson

Action Auger offers competitive prices and service reliability in getting their furnaces functioning. The company encourages Canadians to get at least three quotes to avoid paying excessive prices due to supply and demand pressures and opportunistic HVAC contractors. Many people are waiting for government assistance or insurance settlements, so Action Auger offers Calgary residents deferred-interest financing options so that they can get everything in order before winter weather puts comfort and health at risk.

Assessing Damage

Furnaces might seem operational, but HVAC experts recommend that people replace flood-damaged equipment. Corrosion inside valves and controls results in reliability questions, so flood victims should always get their electric furnaces, radiant floor heat, heat pumps, gas heaters and boilers inspected by an experienced technician. Flooding causes the following problems with HVAC equipment:

• Central forced-air systems that are exposed to flood waters develop mold, insulation damage and compromised joints and seals.

• Water heaters also develop corrosion in valves, controls, seals and insulation, but replacing a water heater is relatively inexpensive.

• Working HVAC systems become less efficient, which could cost you more in heating and cooling bills.

High-tech options include thermostats that you can control from your mobile phone or tablet, and sensors that warn you if flooding occurs in your furnace room or if you need to replace or service your equipment.

Choosing a Reliable Contractor

Action Auger provides NATE-certified local technicians, green products and fast, reliable service to get your HVAC equipment installed. North American Technical Excellence certification assures you that your service technician is technically competent and up to date with the latest HVAC technologies and skills.

Financing options for Calgary flood victims include paying no interest during a deferred period except for an administrative fee of $39.95. Financing is provided by Snap Financial Corporation. The offer expires on November 29, 2013, and late payments are subject to a 2 percent interest charge on any past-due payments.

Action Auger technicians live and work in your community, and they understand critical heating issues, flooding complications and the financing difficulties that Calgary floods cause families. Updating your furnace at Action Auger gives you choices of manufacturers, highly skilled repair and maintenance services and equipment with efficiency ratings from 80 percent up to 98.2 percent. Furnace financing for Calgary flood victims helps people recover from the disaster with fewer financial difficulties.