Dealing with water damage & mold

December 26, 2014 - Benjamin Dowson

If recent water damage to your home has led to the growth of mold, seek professional help to safely test and permanently remove the mold. Action Auger does not offer a mold removal service, but a great place to start your search is by reading “Fighting Mold – The Homeowner’s Guide” by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Water Damage Causing Basement Mold

If the main floor of your house has considerable water damage, head downstairs and take note of any strange smells. If you’ve got mold as a result of water damage to your basement, you will immediately recognize that distinctive musty basement smell. If left undetected, that musty smell can trigger allergies, eye and lung irritation, headaches, and it can induce vomiting.

If you have any questions or concerns about water damage causing mold, please contact a professional mold removal service.