Furnace Filters

There are so many different types, makes, models and sizes of home furnaces, so it makes sense that there would also be a wide variety of furnace filters. Traditionally, furnace filters were designed to protect the furnace and fans. Over the years, there has been an increased air quality awareness and some filters are now being installed to reduce exposure to particles which can negatively affect your health.

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Replacement Furnace Filters

Replacement furnace filters are essential in maintaining indoor air quality. Consider this: the average person breathes in about 32,000 pints (18,185 liters) of air per day. Those 32,000 pints of air contain approximately 1,120,000,000 particles of dust. Most of these particles are 3 microns or smaller in size. According to those same reports, indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air… and that’s bad for everyone, including allergy sufferers.

If you can improve indoor air quality with efficient furnace filters – talk about an easy fix! There is a wide variety of furnace filters to choose from… along with different efficiencies, designs and varying levels of quality.

What Are The Best Furnace Filters?

A good furnace filter increases furnace efficiency and improves indoor air quality. The best furnace filters, however, are those that work best for your home and your family’s needs. You’ve got a choice between electronic furnace filters, pleated furnace filters, HEPA furnace filters, or activated charcoal furnace filters.

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What About Furnace Air Filters?

Furnace air filters include electrostatic air filters, pleated air filters, HEPA air filters and activated carbon air filters. Pleated air filters, for example, are hugely popular for the simple reason that they provide the best value for your money and are available in varying efficiencies.

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