Your Furnace Cleaning & Repair Specialists

It’s never a good time for your furnace to break down and that’s why Action Auger offers a fast, local response to homeowners across the province. Our furnace cleaning and repair services have helped hundreds of homeowners stay warm this winter. Contact Action Auger about furnace cleaning and take care of problems before they start. Your home heating system should last for many years and with furnace cleaning and repair services from Action Auger, it will!

Your Go-To Source for Furnace Replacement Parts

In addition to our furnace cleaning and repair services, Action Auger also has access to furnace replacement parts for most furnace models of varying size.

Furnace Replacement Options

If you need a complete furnace replacement, Action Auger has the expertise and ability to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Years of furnace cleaning and repair experience – along with our trademark dedication to customer satisfaction – is our guarantee that your replacement furnace will be installed right the first time.

We’re local to you no matter where you live in Alberta. So whether you need a bit of preventative maintenance with our furnace cleaning services and tune-up, a fast repair for a broken furnace, or an out-and-out complete furnace replacement, Action Auger is good to go.