Cub Car Ideas

February 20, 2014 - Benjamin Dowson

It looks like it’s that time of year again…cub car racing! Every year, cub scouts all over the globe spend time and effort turning a small block of wood into an aerodynamic masterpiece. By making and racing their cub cars, many cub scouts can earn one of a variety of different badges.

My son had the idea of making an official Action Auger cub car. I must say, I definitely approve!

A problem that many people encounter is coming up with cub car ideas. There are literally thousands of different cub car ideas that you can come up with, so picking and sticking with one can be a challenge into itself. A cub car can be a reflection of your own personal styles or interests, or it could also be a reflection of your artistic skills. Either way, coming up with cub car ideas is something that should be well thought out, as it is a huge part of the fun of making a cub car.

Next time you are thinking of cub car ideas, why not make a company cub car? Show your company pride by building a cub car that your boss would be proud of (and wouldn’t hurt your chances for that next raise).