Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacement

Even though they are buried deep underground, sewer pipes are subject to such problems as root infiltration, foreign objects, pipe misalignment and more. Action Auger’s trenchless sewer pipe repair offers the least disruptive and one of the most cost-effective ways to diagnose and fix most common sewer problems, without digging up your yard! Trenchless sewer pipe repair saves you time, money and most of all – your sanity!

Trenchless Pipe Replacement Service

In addition to trenchless sewer pipe repair, we also offer complete trenchless sewer pipe replacement. Much like trenchless repair, trenchless sewer pipe replacement involves making a pair of access holes to the point where the damaged pipe starts and ends. We can then replace the pipe entirely to offer a trenchless pipe replacement.

Trenchless Technology Means Smart Savings

Trenchless technology has saved homeowners across Canada time and money. Traditional dig and back-fill methods usually take around two days to replace a sewer line, and there’s the added expense of replanting your yard, replacing your driveway and other incidentals. With trenchless sewer pipe repair and replacement, Action Auger’s team of trenchless technicians make it possible to take care of your sewer problem in about one day – while leaving your yard and life intact.

Action Auger can have its local team of trenchless technicians dispatched to your home in short order. Give us a call 24/7 — someone will answer the phone to schedule a visit. Action Auger specializes in residential plumbing and sewage issues, so you’ll always be at the top of our list. Find out what the Gentlemen Plumbers can do for you today!