Purify with Refrigerator Water Filters

Here’s a health and safety tip for homeowners in search of a cost effective alternative to bottled water: filtered refrigerator water. According to reports and independent testing published by the Water Quality Association (http://www.wqa.org/pdf/cancerpanel.pdf). Refrigerator filters remove harmful contaminants such as cysts, lead, mercury, pesticides and chlorine to dispense clean, cold water right to your drinking glass.

If your older model refrigerator doesn’t have the bells and whistles that are common among newer models, you can still make the move to cold, clean filtered water… with the aid of an inline refrigerator filter and a little help from your local Action Auger plumber.

Inline refrigerator filters work well with older model refrigerators and take very little time to install. (Give us a call and we’ll send help or walk you through it.)

The Importance of Water Filter Replacement

Water filters work by removing potentially harmful chemicals and contaminants from your home’s tap water. These contaminents can occur at the source (watershed, reservoir, well or storage tank), or somewhere deep within your home’s pipes and plumbing. Water filters *don’t* work when they become clogged with dirt and other particles over time. Simply put, water filter replacement plays an important role in keeping your water clean. If you can’t find the right filter for your refrigerator at your local home supply store, we can help by sending one of our plumbing specialists to help locate the proper filter.

How to Install Household Refrigerator Water Filters

Regular maintenance and cleaning can extend the life and efficiency of your refrigerator. The same can be said about refrigerator water filters. The last thing you want your family to drink is dirty refrigerator water, right? So here’s how it’s done:

If you’ve got an older refrigerator with no water dispenser or ice maker, then you will need an inline refrigerator filter. One side of the inline filter attaches to your home’s water supply line (we can help you find the water line closest to your refrigerator), while the other side of the water filter attaches to a line on the back of your refrigerator.

If you’ve got a newer model refrigerator with a built-in (or push-in) water filter, then all you need is the right replacement filter. We can help you with that, too.

Installing and replacing refrigerator water filters is just one of the many services we provide at Action Auger. Call us today.