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The Benefits of Filtered Water & Home Water Filters

Every system in your body relies on water for proper functioning. From your heart to your joints, to your skin and your digestion — if you are not consuming enough water your health will suffer as a result. Water gives you energy, it can improve your circulation and lubricate your joints and muscles. Because water is composed of oxygen, it plays an important role in maintaining your overall health; dehydration, which is caused by drinking far less water than you should, can lead to disease.

Environmental factors such as industrial pollution have negatively impacted the quality of tap water in most communities throughout Alberta and on a larger scale — Canada. Although better in taste than unfiltered house water, not all bottled water is filtered or free of contaminants. Filtered water systems installed by Action Auger reduce more contaminants in your drinking water, making it safer for you, your family and your household appliances. Another big benefit of filtered water vs. bottled water is the price. The cost for home water filters is 80 percent less per gallon than bottled water — including the added expense of replacement cartridges.

As more homeowners realize the tremendous value of filtered drinking water, different types of water filters and replacement cartridges will be made available. All things considered, if you had great tasting, great quality filtered water coming from your taps — wouldn’t you drink more of it?

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