Roots in your sewer line

January 01, 2014 - Benjamin Dowson

Do you have tree roots blocking your sewer drain? Roots in your sewer lines will clog your drain lines and render your drain system useless. This is the type of job that requires professional equipment. A regular plumbing snake or any other do-it-yourself drain opener is not going to work on tree roots. Fortunately, your Action Auger plumber has all the right equipment and the years of professional experience behind him to remove and unclog those roots in your sewer line.

Sewer Root Control

In British Columbia and in most municipalities across Alberta, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to have at least a basic understanding of how roots in your sewer line can happen. If you are curious as to the condition of the sewer lines in the area nearest your home, there are certain conditions which increase the likelihood of root problems in a particular sewer section that a professional may look for:

1. Sewer located near other sewers with known root problems
2. Sewer pipes located near the surface and closer to tree roots
3. Sewer lines located off-road in wooded easements or at curb lines near trees and roots
4. Sewer lines located along tree-lined streets and easements (especially poplar trees)
5. Sewer lines located in residential areas (residential sewer lines are more susceptible to root problems than those in industrial areas)

What Causes The Growth Of Roots in Your Sewer Line?

Roots love pipes that are surrounded in moisture and warm temperatures. They also like loose pipe joints, cracked pipes and pipes with holes that allow water with high nutrient content to seep from the pipes into surrounding soils. Roots in your sewer line thrive in sewer pipes because they tend to provide the perfect hydroponic environment in which to grow. Once inside, roots in your sewer line have found themselves in a well ventilated, oxygen-rich atmosphere with a plentiful supply of water and nutrients – perfect growing conditions.

If you are having a problems with roots in your sewer line, give your local Action Auger plumbing technician a call today.