Freeze Proof Faucets

It is standard practice in Canada for most new homes to be built with outdoor freeze proof faucets. The concept behind freeze proof faucets is simple: When turned off, they are designed to stop the water flow deep within your warm house so that the water, the valve and the pipe doesn’t freeze over the course of the winter. Freeze proof faucets range from 4 to 24 inches in length and extend back into your house. The valve seat (where the water stops when the faucet is off) is a good distance inside your house as well. When the faucet handle is turned off outside, the water stays inside (the warm part of the wall).

While freeze proof faucets are not trickle-proof (the water that trickles out from the faucet is merely that which has been caught in between the warm inside and the cold outside), you would be wise to note that a trickle of water does not mean that you have failed to turn it off. Turning the faucet handle harder and tighter until you’re confident the faucet is completely off will inevitable break something. It doesn’t take much for a rubber washer to break, so it’s a good thing that these freeze-proof faucets are easy to fix.

Freeze Proof Faucet Repair the Action Auger Way

Even in the dead of winter replacement parts for freeze proof faucets are relatively inexpensive; but the aftermath of a freeze proof faucet that hasn’t been turned off can prove to be very costly. So let’s start with a few basic tips: At the first sign of winter, shut off the water supply to the outside faucet. If you leave that water supply on and the weather takes a turn for the worse, you could be looking at much more than a freeze proof faucet repair job. (Worst case scenario: a burst water pipe.)

With the water supply turned off, the extent of your freeze proof faucet repair will likely be a simple replacement rubber washer.And for next time, you’ll know better than to mistake a few drops of water for an open valve. (Humour is another one of the many services we freely provide at Action Auger, by the way.)

All things considered, if you need our assistance locating the water supply to your outside faucet or if you would like more information on freeze proof faucets – please call us.