Earth Day 2013

April 01, 2013 - Benjamin Dowson

Today is Earth Day! Annually celebrated on April 22, today is a day where events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Over 192 countries around the world take part with more than a billion people actively participating in Earth Day events.

Earth Day is of importance to everyone, because we all live here on Earth! We should take care to limit our negative impact on the planet by living in an environmentally conscientious way, such as by recycling or even something as simple as not littering.

At Action Auger, we take extra care to dispose of all plumbing chemicals and materials in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Old or faulty hot water tanks are recycles to make sure that they are disposed of properly. We are also 80% paperless, meaning we consume far less paper than our average competitors. We believe that if everyone does their part to limit their impact on the environment, then everyone will be better off.

So ask yourself this: What will you do to limit your impact today? Even something as simple as reusing grocery bags or bottles can help. Make sure that