Toilet Repair

The toilet is possibly the single most important piece of hardware in your home, yet toilet repair is something that most homeowners shy away from… and for good reason!

Whether you’ve got water leaking from under the tank, an overflowing toilet bowl or if your toilet simply won’t flush – you can call on the Gentlemen Plumbers at Action Auger to fix what’s not working. Our residential plumbing specialists will be there quickly to take care of your toilet repair – with our trademark dedication to your total satisfaction.

Toilet Problems vs. Toilet Solutions

At Action Auger, we’ve seen and diagnosed all types of toilet problems. We’ve probably been right next door to you, helping your neighbors to solve their toilet problems. But if you think this is something that you can do without having to call on a professional for help, then by all means – take matters into your own hands and prepare to get them dirty!

Other alternatives include the do-it-yourself repair kit and the online help guide. Keep in mind that inexpensive do-it-yourself repair kits and poorly-written online help guides aren’t created to repair all of your toilet problems… but we can.

For small toilet repair jobs like a leaking toilet flange or for bigger toilet repairs like replacing your cistern entirely — Action Auger will handle your toilet problems with no muss and no fuss on your part. Your complete satisfaction is our guarantee.

Common Causes of a Slow Flushing Toilet

Have a slow flushing toilet? Don’t know if it’s clogged or if there’s something blocking your pipe? Trust Action Auger to repair it! Slow flushing toilets are increasingly common, but there are dozens of potential causes that can make it frustrating to fix.

Whether it’s a stubborn clog that chemicals and a plunger can’t fix or a tank that’s not filling up properly, we’ve handled thousands of toilet problems for families just like yours.

Put the plunger down and give your local Action Auger plumber a call. Our friendly, professional service and commitment to residential plumbing means any and all toilet repair jobs are done properly the first time.