Tips for a Clogged Toilet

November 05, 2013 - Benjamin Dowson

Good tips for clearing a clogged toilet are hard to find because it’s not the sort of thing that most people talk openly about.

Plumbers are not like most people.

At Action Auger our phone lines are open 24/7; we’d love to talk to you about your clogged toilet and we’re happy to give you some helpful tips on unclogging it.

Here’s your first tip: use a good, strong plunger.

Fixing a Clogged Toilet Requires a Good Plunger

Fixing a clogged toilet with a cheap plunger is like showing up at the driving range with a plastic driver. To do the job right, you’ve got to have the right tools.

You’ll need a plunger made from a durable but flexible material and it should have a fold-out cup. Once again, if you’ve got the right tool – fixing a clogged toilet is fast and easy. Here’s how it works:

1. Stand directly over your clogged toilet with the seat up.
2. While holding onto the handle of your plunger with both hands press the rim of the plunger around the toilet opening so that it forms a ring of suction.
3. Push down on the handle using both hands, then pull up with both hands. Continue to do this until the clog is cleared.

Looking for More Clogged Toilet Solutions?

Action Auger’s Gentlemen Plumbers have an arsenal of clogged toilet solutions and tools – should your plunger (or plunging) fail to do the trick.

Give your local Action Auger plumber a call today.