Shower Diverter Repair

Homeowners with combination bathtubs and showers frequently experience problems with shower diverters. Whether leaking or just not working at all, there is no shower diverter repair job that is too big or too small for Action Auger! Our Gentlemen Plumbers have taken care of hundreds of shower diverter repairs by adhering to our commitment to complete customer satisfaction.
If your bathtub’s faucet drips water while you’re showering or if your shower diverter has shut down completely – call Action Auger. Our shower diverter repair has saved homeowners time and hassle.

Shower Diverter Valve Replacement & Replacement Parts

Shower diverter valve replacement is just one of many shower diverter repair services that we provide. Older plumbing, for example, frequently utilizes separate knobs and valves to perform this action, requiring additional tools and specialized knowledge to make sure your shower diverter repair is performed properly.

Take comfort in knowing that Action Auger’s technicians are trained to diagnose and resolve all your plumbing problems – including shower diverter repair.

Shower Diverter Valve Jobs Done Right

If you’ve ever watched a home repair show or visited any DIY websites, you’ve probably seen a shower diverter valve. With the differences in plumbing from home to home and from builder to builder, what is shown in step-by-step form on one site may not apply in the slightest to your particular case. Save yourself time, energy and money by trusting Action Auger to handle your shower diverter repair. With local plumbers readily available no matter where you live in Alberta, Action Auger’s 24/7 customer contact line is always open for your plumbing needs.